Elder Adewole Samson.O. (ND, B.Sc.) is the Registrar of Pilar College of Health Technology
(2017- till date). He serves as the general administrative officer of the college. His job in the college further covers Supervision of the admission processes of students into various programs of the College, Serves as the Administrative Secretary to the Academic Board of the College; participate in the recruitment exercise of both Senior and Junior Staff of the College. He is a member of the accreditation Committee of the College, and the editor, of the first edition of College Handbook.

The registrar special skills in the office include: Proficiency in Excel and Word Computer packages. Ability to formulate and prepare Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of any kind. Writing and development of minutes for any kind of meeting, Programs and Events Reports writing, events planning and Management, ability to formulate and write proposal of any kind, ability to organize both National and International Conferences.

You are welcome to Pilar College of Health Technology (PILCOHET) where you shall be given thorough training that shall make you stand out among your counterparts in the competitive society.

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